Best Techniques to Boost Instagram Followers


In the crowded social media landscape, finding the best techniques to boost

Instagram followers can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true

methods that social media managers swear by to grow their audience.

One common tactic is to buy fake followers. This can seem like a quick way to get

more followers, but it’s a bad idea for your brand.


  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are important for getting your posts seen on Instagram. They allow people

to search for relevant content and can be a great way to reach new followers.

Research shows that posts with hashtags have a higher rate of engagement than

those without.

Hashtag research starts with looking at your competitors. Figure out which hashtags

they use, and then add them to your own list. It’s also a good idea to include niche

hashtags (like #naturalskincare or #homedesign) and special event or holiday

hashtags (like #mondayblues or #throwbackthursday).


When choosing hashtags, make sure they are highly relevant to your post. Hashtags

that are too broad can actually hurt your post. The best way to test a hashtag is to

type it into the search bar on Instagram. This will show you how many posts have

been using that hashtag, as well as related hashtags.


  1. Create Engaging Posts

There are billions of people on Instagram, so to get engagement and build a

following you need to stand out from the crowd. This means creating aesthetically

pleasing content that’s consistent with your brand’s vision. For example, if you share

a recipe post on Instagram, create a graphic that matches it to make your feed look

cohesive. Or, if you share business tips regularly, try posting them in the same style

each time so your followers know what to expect.


You can also create engaging posts by sharing your story or promoting a specific

product. Boosting your posts allows you to reach more people and access Instagram

Insights, which helps you understand what type of content your audience responds

to best.


  1. Reach the Right Audience

One of the best ways to increase Instagram followers is to promote your profile

outside of Instagram. This can be done by sharing posts on other platforms,

embedding your Instagram profile on your website, or sending out a social media


Another way to reach the right audience is by leveraging user-generated content

(UGC). UGC is content created by your community that you can then share on your

own account. This type of content is great for gaining organic reach, especially when

it’s shareworthy or has a viral element to it.


Lastly, you can reach the right audience by targeting look-alike audiences. These are

people who have similar interests as your target audience, and can help you reach

new followers. You can use Sprout’s Listening tool to discover trending

conversations about your brand or industry, then create and publish content that

resonates with this audience.


  1. Post Regularly

Investing time into creating engaging content is the best way to grow your audience

on Instagram. While a one-off post might gain you a few followers, it won’t keep

them around long if you can’t deliver the consistent content they expect from your

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Posting regularly shows that you’re active, which is a great indicator of authenticity

to your audience. It also makes it easier to engage with your audience through

comments and DMs. If you can’t respond to every comment, try using a tool like

Buffer to store ideas whenever they come up.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different post formats, too! Instagram’s algorithm

rewards accounts that are creative and responsive to their audience. Try posting

short-form videos, carousels, IG Reels, and Instagram Stories to increase your



  1. Boost Your Posts

If you want to attract and retain quality followers, you need to post interesting and

relevant content. This means posting pictures, videos, and updates that are

relatable to your target audience. In addition, it’s a good idea to run contests that

encourage people to follow your business. These could include things like a

giveaway or story takeovers with local celebrities.


Entertaining content also improves the chances of your posts being tagged by

friends, which is an important factor in Instagram’s algorithm. This in turn can help

you reach new audiences that might not have been exposed to your content


You can boost a post from your profile page or in the Instagram app. You can specify

how long you want your ad to last and track its performance via Instagram Insights.